International Strategic Directions 2015 - 2020

Our vision and mission

Our Vision

A ministry presence in every nation of the world by the year 2045.

This means an effective ongoing ministry involvement in every nation aimed toward fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus.

Our Mission

is to exalt Jesus Christ in all that we think, say and do, and to extend His influence throughout the world by:

Proclaiming Christ’s Gospel with the expectation that supernatural signs will follow as the normal New Testament pattern (Mark 16:15-20);

Planting Christ-centred churches that are autonomous, interdependent and self propagating (Acts 14:21-28);

Promoting Christ-glorifying Christian communities which outwork the miraculous and character transforming ministry of the Holy Spirit
(Acts 2:42-47);

Producing Christ-following disciples who seek to obey the Great Commandment and Great Commission (Matthew 22:36-40; 28:18-20).

Pastor Bill Vasilakis

GOD HAS GIVEN THE CRC A HEART to always be reaching to our lost world with the good news about Jesus Christ.

God has also challenged us to set an audacious faith goal to have a CRC ministry presence in every nation of the world by 2045, our centenary as a movement. This is a big vision and to put wheels on this vision we formulate strategic plans every 5 years.

This International Strategic Directions 2015-2020 builds on our previous five year plan and will help each Nation where the CRC is organised and has a presence, to focus on a specific action plan to outwork.

EVANGELISM AND DISCIPLESHIP are at the core of what we do and who we are as Great Commission Christians. PLANTING CHURCHES is an integral part of our spiritual DNA. MINISTRY TRAINING and leadership development is our growth engine. MESSENGERS TO THE NATIOnS expresses how we value serving and working globally to help various people groups. CONNECTING LEADERS builds our unity as a movement and enables us to learn from each other. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION is needed for parents who want the best for their kids. EMPOWERING THE NEEDY is Jesus providing a helping hand to lift people out of poverty.

SHAPING GENERATIONS reveals our deep concern for the spiritual welfare of children and teenagers.

These seven Strategic Directions will guide the way forward for our international movement. As each Nation outworks their capacity according to their potential, the results will be evident in transformed lives and communities. I urge you to pray about how you can be involved and contribute to realising this inspiring and practical vision.

Pastor Barry Silverback

As I travel the nations, I see many needy, poor and vulnerable people in desperate need of help. Yes they need material and physical help – but the greatest need of humanity is to  know the salvation of our lord Jesus Christ! Seeing these people leaves a lasting and emotional impression, and the normal response is to ask ‘What can I do?’ We as a movement are also asking this question.

These Strategic Directions outline a clear vision in easy steps which will make a difference to some of these people. We have a mandate to disciple the Nations, which includes enlarging the resource base in Australia through the planting of new churches. It is a vital part of our strategy to touch and affect the nations through the preaching of Christ’s salvation. A passionate and Spirit-empowered response is needed to make this strategy an effective tool in reaching our God-given goals. It only takes us to ask ‘What can I do to make a difference in the lives of these people?’

Pastor Mike Cronin

The CRC Churches International Vision of a presence in every nation by our centenary in 2045 has required, and will require, many adjustments in our thinking and action.

We praise God for each movement in the world that is doing similar things, but we believe that God has a part in the whole picture for CRC Churches International. This will contribute towards His ultimate purpose that around the throne will be people of every tribe, tongue and language. (Revelation 7:9-10)

The International Strategic Directions give a broad picture of the 8 key areas, agreed to in a 2 year process by the Leaders of each of our National Movements, that are essential to enable us to fulfil this great vision. It also provides a basis for each nation, and in turn each local church, to be able to set their own more detailed strategies and goals for their nation/church to contribute toward the fulfilment of this great vision.

It is exciting to see the growing passion for church planting and global missions in many of the nations where CRC is now established with National Movements.

“So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what is promised.” (Hebrews 10:35-36)


WORD-BASED: We believe that God will work through His living, authoritative and relevant Bible.

MULTIPLYING CHURCHES: We believe in the God-inspired multiplication strategy of covering the earth with churches

INTERDEPENDENT MINISTRIES: We believe in connected, cooperative and accountable ministers and churches.

NEW CREATION MESSAGE: We believe in the liberating power of the New Creation Message that secures and strengthens our foundations in Christ.

GOSPEL OF GRACE: We believe in a Gospel-centred and grace-pervading Christian message that must never be added to or changed.

STABLE SPIRITUALITY: We believe in a balance between the ‘Word’ and the ‘Spirit’ as we express our dependence on Jesus Christ.

CONTEMPORARY MINISTRY: We believe that our churches should be creative and culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure.

HARMONIOUS RELATIONSHIPS: We believe in pursuing unity and walking in love in our churches and amongst our ministers.

DYNAMIC FAITH: We believe in a forward-moving and daring faith that undergirds everything we do for Jesus Christ.

SELFLESS SERVICE: We believe in the call and cost of Christ-appointed ministers who willingly embrace sacrificial servant-hood as a way of life

Evangelism and Discipleship

Strategy – we will achieve this by:

Local churches:

Outworking a disciple-making strategy to lead people to become followers of Christ.

Planning outreach activities into local communities.

Pastors/ Leaders:

Modelling and teaching evangelism so that churches grow primarily through new converts to Christ.

Training people to share their faith.

Planting Churches

Strategy – we will achieve this by:

Each nation:

Providing training for potential church planters.

Outworking the New Testament pattern of planting churches as apostolic operational bases for further church planting.

Establishing a CRC organisational presence in new nations with churches that are focused on being apostolic operational bases.

Ministry Training

Strategy – we will achieve this by:

Each nation:

Establishing training programs that are Bible-based, Christ-centred, Holy Spirit empowered
and taught by trained Christian leaders.

Promoting life-long learning opportunities.

Implementing training and credentialing for pastors.

Messengers to the Nations

Strategy – we will achieve this by:

Churches adopting and praying for other nations.

Nations establishing missionary training and deploying commissioned personnel.

Creating a financial support base for these personnel.

Connecting with potential leaders from other nations that are currently in our nation, to prepare them for church planting in their home country.

Identifying cross-cultural opportunities to share the gospel in each local community.

Connecting Leaders

Strategy – we will achieve this by:

Conducting an annual International Leaders Gathering for leaders and pastors involved across the nations, for prayer, planning, updates, sharing, fellowship and encouragement.

Conducting regional meetings for localised initiatives.

Developing a functional leadership structure that co-ordinates the implementation of our vision throughout the world.

Developing regional leaders to co-ordinate the help our Field Supporters provide.

Christian Education

Strategy – we will achieve this by:

Developing Preschools, Primary and Secondary Schools.

Providing teacher training opportunities in early childhood, primary and secondary education.

Empowering the Needy

Strategy – we will achieve this by:

Establishing Non-Government Organisations (NGO) and other development centres and relief programs that will:

Implement projects that empower local communities to improve their living conditions.

Provide emergency financial relief, medical and rehabilitation services.

Educate local communities in health care, sanitation and water purification.

Implement programs to restore people from the ravages of substance abuse.

Partner with local churches and communities to create development programs that help children living in poverty.

Form teams to work with local people to build, repair and maintain infrastructure.

Provide vocational training centres.

Shaping Generations

Strategy – we will achieve this by:

Churches having effective children and youth ministries by:

Equipping pastors and leaders to develop effective children’s and youth ministries.

Providing opportunities for children’s and youth workers to be properly trained.

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